Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wacky Wednesday!

Family dinner time is something I pretty much cherish. As soon as our daughter started to sit at the highchair and eat (which was a little later than most since she eats like a bird), we have been enjoying that time-honored tradition of family dinners. Even when my son was a newborn he would enjoy dinner time with a nursing cover on the side. It's not only a great way to end the day, catch up with Daddy and build family identity, but it provides us with loads of training opportunities! Table manners, interrupting, sitting at the table until everyone is done, how to say grace, not smearing yogurt on your face with your hands... Endless opportunities!
How not to eat....
During the spring/summer/fall we cherish having Family Beach Night once a week (yes, we are blessed and a little spoiled.) As soon as Daddy gets home from work we are all packed up to go to the beach for a picnic and some sunset playtime. It's something we look forward to all week long and when Friday night rolls around we cross our fingers for good weather and head to the beach!
The beach at sunset is amazing
So over the long winter (ok, it only feels long, because I love summer) we have continued to have our regular, sometimes mundane family dinners. Even on the nights when mommy has to leave for work or an event, if we have a 10 minute overlap of all of us home at the same time we sit down and eat and play a quick round of catch up. Last week I took my son out to eat for a Mother- Son date 'knight' at Chickfila. They did a great job putting the event together! And it was a good excuse to get dressed up and use a little gel on Bubba's hair.
My knight armed with a balloon sword and chocolate milk
Yes, I wore a fru fru dress!
While we were out that night, my husband made my daughter breakfast for dinner and she thought that was so hilarious and talked about it for days! So we came up with the idea to do something a little different for dinner once a week. We tried it for the first time this week and we are calling it 'Wacky Wednesday'. I made up a new version of Eggs Benedict since I had just made some fresh homemade salsa. And the kids went for the more reserved Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes.
Huevos Benedictos!

Wacky Wednesday Wardrobe
The Wacky Wednesday dinner coordinator is taking suggestions NOW! Any ideas what to do next?!?

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