Monday, March 19, 2012

Wacky Wednesday recap

Last week's Wacky Wednesday was a blast again. I hope we can continue to come up with new and fresh ideas! (ANY SUGGESTIONS WELCOMED! PLEASE!) Our theme for the night was 'Tiny Food' and I had fun with it.
Lily helped make the mini pigs-in-a-blanket
Mini piggies, Mini hammies, mini carrots, mini corn, mini sweet potato fries (click for recipe) 

Been having lots of fun with my vintage Little People.
So the hamburger doesn't look so mini next to him, but it was!
Mini chocolate milks! I knew we could find a use for these shot glasses!

Cut a straw in half for mini straws!

This is Lily's expression while she painted my face. Serious artist at work here!
Our Wacky Wednesday wardrobe! Can you tell which ones Lily did?
We went opposite for dessert with GIANT s'mores. I know microwaving marshmallows isn't ideal, but eating marshmallows isn't really ideal either. But the jumbo size really grow! Glad they didn't explode!
He was a little freaked by the whole thing and didn't eat too much (which is shocking!)

Loved every unhealthy, messy bite!

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  1. I love this... so fun! What a neat way to make memories for your kids Stacie!