Friday, February 17, 2012

You have so much to say...

"It's so easy to keep up with you on Facebook"

"I like how you post pictures throughout your entire date night"

"You should really start a blog, you have so much to say"

So, I think these are people's way of telling me, "Ok, enough already with the social media!" But I'm going to take it as a compliment that I have so much going on between my two ears that I can't possibly get it all out in 140 characters or less! So I may be late to the party, but I've decided to try my hand at this blogging thing. (And I really have no idea what I'm doing tech-wise so forgive any future cyber blunders.) At the very least it should help to better articulate this word-vomit that is a product of being home with 2 children much of the day.

 And speaking of stay-at-home moms, let me tell you how off my perception was of them. Before having children I had very few friends with children. Actually, I think the 'very few' could be replaced with 'one'. So, its fair to say I didn't have any idea of what I was getting myself into. I saw stay-at-home moms at the grocery store in their yoga pants pushing around the extra-long race-car cart (that always seemed to run over my toe) with total envy. I snidely thought, "How nice it must be to actually be able to go to the gym in the middle of the day instead of reportong to work for 8 hours like the rest of us." Then I thought, "I'll bet when she gets home she opens up a box of Bon Bons and watches All My Children while her kids take naps. She has got it made!" (I'm not proud that these thoughts entered my mind, but they did, so I'm being real here.)
My wedding day 2004
July 2007. Back when I could still play house.
By the way, I gained 80 pounds my first pregnancy. seriously.

2009- Davis, my 2nd, at 36 weeks.
Umbilical cord wrapped around his neck twice.
But he turned out just perfect!

2010- My silly little family 

So.... 4 years and 2 kids later I think back to that perception and I want to slap the old me across the face. That poor woman may have very well slept in those yoga pants and not had the time or energy to even get dressed that day. And having those kids strapped in that impossible-to-push-around-enter-curse-word-here-cart was probably the most 'break' she got that day. If she did eat a Bon Bon, it was probably one her kid refused to eat for dessert because he had asked for the lollipop, not the Bon Bon. And she probably had to hear it on the news that All My Children had actually been canceled so she would never be able to know how many husbands Erica Kane would actually end up having!

This was my favorite husband of Erica's- Jackson Montgomery.
I mean, he looks like a Ken doll. How could she not be eternally happy with him?

(side note: Yes, I did watch All My Children for YEARS before I actually had children. Ironic? Perhaps. But year to date I have never eaten a Bon Bon though my husband filled my stocking with them at Christmas this year. I gave every one of them to the kids.)

And by the grace of God, here I am. Slowly, and humbly discovering what it means and how it actually is to be a mom.

Some random thoughts for future posts:

  • What happened to me when I woke up one morning with a 4 week old baby and couldn't walk. 
  • How social media has kept me sane as a mom and is my naptime 'happy hour'. (side note: I met one of my real-life best friends on Facebook)
  • When I realized that raising a successful, productive citizen in this world would be for nothing if I didn't show them Jesus along the way. 

So join me or don't, but I will be here attempting to clean up my word-vomit and form some sort of story. And my hope is to connect with other reformed closet-mom-loathers. Maybe we can share stories over a Bon Bon one day.


  1. So proud of you. I can't wait to hear what you have to say. I better get back to nursing my baby and eating Bon bons.

  2. Stacie, I love that you are blogging! You'll be great at it. It's such a great way to share you stories and photos and then you'll be able to look back at it all and see how much your family has grown. I've been blogging for a little over a year and I love it!

  3. Welcome to blogging! It's a great outlet!