Sunday, February 19, 2012

I could barely 'sell' naptime to a three-year-old

So I guess opening an Etsy shop, starting a blog, attending a church conference and starting potty training in one weekend is a bit much, huh? Oh, and I did all that while I was sick which has in turn made me even more sick. Oh well. Now I have time to blog more! In my pajamas!

Sabbath in a Jar, now available on Etsy!

Well, today I'll explain the Etsy shop. I just kind of threw it up there on Saturday night, but for a good reason! Let me explain.  Last spring during a MOPS meeting we made a sugar scrub as a take home craft. I promptly lost the recipe, but enjoyed using the scrub and noticed how much it help my skin. So I played with some recipes and made a big batch for myself and for friends for Mother's Day gifts. Everyone seemed to enjoy them and the seed was planted that one day I might sell them, but I really didn't have a whole lot of confidence in my ability to sell things. I could barely 'sell' naptime to a three-year-old. But my friends, family and husband were always encouraging to me. One friend in particular, Jessica, was my biggest cheerleader. She pretty much told me I was going to sell it in one way, shape or form. And believe me, she could sell ice to an Eskimo. About this same time, Jessica and her husband, Travis, started feeling God's call for them to expand their family through adoption. They have been so obedient in this calling and it been an amazing journey to watch from the sidelines, pompoms in hand. They have jumped in feet first knowing that God will provide their parachute. They have championed Isaiah 1:17 and I know they will be continue to be a blessing to the adoption community for years to come. They have also been steadfast in their fundraising efforts along the way. How many of you know that adoption isn't just opening your life, family and soul to an orphan, but your bank account as well. They knew going into this that God would provide and he has in amazing ways. Read more about their blessings and journey on her adoption blog. 

The sweet Carpenter family

Yesterday was Jessica's birthday and her friends and I all wanted to be able to bless her by relieving some of the fundraising pressure for the week, so we have been coming up with various ways to do that. Thus my rushed attempt at an Etsy shop! All proceeds of my sales this week will go to the Carpenter Family Adoption Fund so help to spread the word! Or, if you want to donate directly to the fund, please do so! (And my favorite way to support them is kind of a indulgent one. You can buy some pretty great coffee and a portion of the proceeds go to them. I just got my monthly shipment on Saturday! It's amazing coffee!)

I've always loved the saying "It takes a village to raise a child" and having been a mother for a few years now I can whole-heartedly attest to that fact! But now, we need to turn our attention to the fact that it takes a village to bring home a child! I love you, Jess and am proud of all that you and Travis are doing. And Happy Birthday Week!


  1. Awe! Totally crying, I love you, too, Stacie! You are such a blessing to me. Thank you for a beautiful post! I'm so glad you are finally blogging and selling your sugar scrub! Not quite sure how I would be doing in life w/o you!

    1. Seriously thank you for encouraging me to do both the blog and the shop! Excited to help you bring home baby! It takes a village!