Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I married a maniac!

(Life seems to have kicked into high gear with the blooming of spring. It's like we have left hibernation and are giddy with the warmth of sunshine on our faces. So, blogging has been at a minimum, but I'm getting lots of great material for future posts! Hang with me!)

My husband is one of those people who can just DO something he puts his mind to. He decided last year he was going to read the whole bible and day by day he read until he finished. Ahead of schedule. And he casually mentioned it over dinner. "So, I finished the bible." Like it's no big deal. Had that been me, there would have been a blog post, a Facebook post, a twitter post, and a few Instagrams thrown in for good measure. I don't think it's necessarily a pride thing (well, maybe a bit), but I usually cannot believe that I finish something I set out to accomplish that I go overboard in sharing. Of course, all things are done in Christ, so we couldn't do any of it without Him! That's it, I just want to glorify God. That's all...

Last year my husband's annual physical revealed some terrible blood test results. High cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure. At first, I was angry that the doctor didn't immediately prescribe medication. He has genetic tendencies towards these things so I thought it would be better to be safe than sorry. But my husband heard his doctor loud and clear when she told him to exercise, eat healthy and lose weight. So, like all things he does, he set out to start a new exercise plan and he followed it. He began to wake up at 5am every morning (ugh!) and do some pretty intense lap swim. He now does 3-4k a day before I even wake up. At home, we changed our eating habits and he lost weight rapidly. Now ladies, you know how it can take us a month to lose 5 pounds, but when we do we want to throw a party for ourselves? Well, he lost 50 pounds in 3 months and didn't blink an eye. When he went back to the doctor his blood tests were all glowing with normal numbers and we breathed a collective sigh of relief. I was so proud of him! He actually did it all without medication! 

And the healthy exercise part became a new normal for him. He continued to swim and last May he swam in a race which went right under the Ravenel Bridge IN the Charleston Harbor. I think the kids and I were more freaked out watching him than he was doing it. 
See those tiny splashes? One is my hubby!

He continued to swim, but slacked off on the diet part and that lead him straight back to the high cholesterol. Boo. So he buckled down again with things and added running to the mix this past winter. I have a total admiration of people who can run. I will tell anyone (and probably have told you if you know me) that I could not run down the street if I was being chased by an ax-wielding murderer. When I see people with a 13.1 or 26.2 sticker on their car I am in total awe/ disbelief that the human body can carry one person so far without death being the end result. So when my husband started to run I was all for it. I saw a Living Social deal for the Rugged Maniac 5k and bought it as a Christmas present. Yeah, I know. 'Merry Christmas! Here's some physical punishment!' But he was pumped. He continued to run and swim and did a great job of running the through the muddy 5k this past weekend. 
The clean before picture
Through the river and over the woods...
Davis' shirt says it all: Rad like Dad. Yep, he is pretty rad!
Luckily it rained afterwards so we just left the shoes out for cleaning
 I am so proud of him for tackling this new feat and for taking charge of his physical health. Good thing he didn't listen to me and just go on medication! It makes me look at my own physical health and think maybe one day I could be well without medication. (Recap of my health woes here) We are starting to exam our physical health more and more and find a new normal. More to come on that later!! Less bon bons and cupcakes? Perhaps...

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