Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Worthy Giveaway

The other night at work (I work part-time at Barnes & Noble in case you didn't know), I was checking out a cute little girl who seemed extremely excited to be getting a stack of books. It was the normal assortment. A Barbie-themed I Can Read Aloud book, a Disney princess coloring book, and a Rainbow Fairies chapter book. When I made the comment that she had a whole weekend's worth of reading ahead of her, she told me it was a very special weekend. I then asked if it was her birthday. And her mom chimed in that it was even more special than a birthday. The mom beamed with joy and said "Six years ago today she was adopted by us. So we are celebrating!" Then I looked at the girl who way equally as joyful and told her, "Happy Adoption Day!" After talking to them a bit more I found out this precious princess had been adopted from China. I was struck and immediately told them about my friends Jessica and Travis who are going through the adoption process as well!

After they left I started to imagine what it will be like for Jessica and Travis to have their very own 'Adoption Day'. When biological parents are pregnant they know almost from day 1 about when they will get to see their baby. If you've ever been pregnant yourself you know it's usually the first question people ask, "So, when are you due?" (And let's just hope that you are full-on belly-busting-out-kind-of-pregnant before someone has the courage to ask you this question.) And without a doubt you can tell them an exact date. April 3rd, September 7th, December 1st. Whatever day it might be, you know that around that time you will be greeting and meeting and snuggling and loving on the newest addition to your family.

But when you're going through adoption, you don't have that luxury of being able to circle the date on your calendar, or answer that question with any degree of certainty, or tell your friends how many weeks left until you welcome a new life into your family. There is paperwork to file and grants to apply for and fingerprints to give (yes, fingerprints!), and backgrounds checks, and money to raise and fees to pay. But it's all being done in faith that somewhere in the world there is a child who needs a mommy and a daddy to love on her and care for her and snuggle her and kiss on her like only Jessica and Travis can. And they will have that day! Their own Adoption Day! And I'm sure it will be a celebratory occasion each and every year. And I can't wait to meet their little girl and watch her light up with joy and tell me that day was even more special than a birthday.

But before that joyous day arrives, Jessica and Travis need our support. First, they needs prayer throughout this whole process. So if you are a prayer warrior please lift them up and pray for each step of this process. To follow along with their story please subscribe to her blog so you know what to pray for.

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Secondly, they need to raise funds. They have a goal of raising $2500 by May 12th (the day before Mother's day!) and they need our help. Jessica is so crafty in coming up with awesome fundraising ideas. This month they are doing a giveaway and there are lots of ways to enter. Please check out her latest post (and yes, an American Girl doll is involved!!)

Please prayerfully consider how you can best help The Carpenters. There is a child out there who needs to come home to a joy-filled, loving, nurturing, expectant mom and dad. And YOU can help make that happen.

'Learn to do good.Seek justice.Help the oppressed.

 Defend the cause of orphans.' Isaiah 1:17

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  1. Wah! Now, I'm crying. Thank you so much for loving us! This is a beautiful post! Thank you for being so involved in this with us!